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school uniform

respect for childhood

We don’t have a school uniform and discourage parents from sending their children to nursery in uniform type clothes, as this tends to inhibit their freedom to play and be themselves. We much prefer children come to nursery in their own clothes that represent who they are as an individual – preferably something old that nobody needs to worry about, should they get covered in paint, clay or mud! Each and every child is unique and different, yet a uniform makes them all look exactly the same, contradicting our values and beliefs.

  • dress them in ‘easy’ to manage clothes. Dungarees, trousers and jeans with buttons and fasteners can be difficult for young children who are struggling to become independent. Jogging bottoms, or leggings for example, are much easier to get off and back on when going to the toilet.

  • dress them in “play clothes” rather than “school uniform” type clothes – playing can be a very messy business.

  • encourage them to dress and undress themselves, even though it will take a little longer. Let them take off their coats, hang them up and put them on – all by themselves.

  • clearly label all items of clothing which your child is likely to take off at nursery.

  • if they need to be changed for any reason and come home in nursery clothes, we would appreciate them being washed and returned as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • warm and waterproof snowsuit

  • sturdy boots with a warm lining

  • gloves (preferably waterproof)

  • cosy hat

  • snood

  • thermals

To help children develop greater independence, we ask families to:
Your child will need the following at our outdoor sites:
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