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our values

what's important to us

By working in partnership with parents, we aim to provide a stimulating, challenging environment which is a warm, friendly extension of home, where children and adults can explore, have fun, play, talk and learn together, developing as happy, confident and independent individuals within our community.


The values were created by the staff team many years ago, when we devoted a whole day to asking ourselves the question, 'what really matters?' They and are reviewed every year, where we might make little changes to the wording, according to our growth and development. They are not in any order, as all 9 values are of equal importance to us.  

reciprocal relationships between children and adults

as co-learners

a positive image of the child as competent, capable and with enormous potential

the holistic learning climate which has a significant impact on children and adults

happiness, well-being, kindness and teamwork

genuine, respectful partnerships with parents

professional love and respect for children and their childhood

the comment made by the sculptor, Antony Gormley during his visit to us: 'this school is a laboratory of possibilities'

relationships with the whole community and the wider environment

playing outdoors, being close to nature and the opportunities this brings to wallow in slowliness

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