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The educators working with the children sometimes capture the process of learning - usually through photographs, film and hand written notes taken either at the time, or shortly afterwards. This enables us to keep track of children's original ideas and how things evolve and develop. As and when the work comes to a natural end, it is often documented and shared with others - usually on the walls in school, or sometimes in a book. We also use these learning stories in our work as a training base and share these with colleagues at our own training events. 

We are also happy to sell some of these products in our online shop and have listed some below. Please feel free to browse through and if there
 is something you're interested in buying, please navigate to our shop to order and pay online.  All products are produced in PDF format and can be emailed to you, once we have received payment. 
PDF: £5






An observation of a child intrigued by the way plastic bottle tops behave in water. Isaac's very important work was exploratory, investigative and scientific, yet could very easily have been undervalued and understood to be nothing more than a little boy playing in water.  It also celebrates the work of a child with Downs Syndrome and how he demonstrated high level thinking skills.

PDF: £5





This tells the story of a group of children who, with support from the educator, produced a performance of The Three Little Pigs story. The idea, the planning, the prop making, the acting and storytelling was entirely the children's work. The document reflects on what made this possible, the role of the adult and the learning for this particular group of very able children. 

PDF: £10


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This is a story of how one child's imagination and storying was facilitated and extended by meaningful interactions with an interested adult. Pink and purple pearly paint transformed Evie's clay sculpture into a 'Castle Dolls House', which of course became home to a crowd of 'teeny tiny characters'. The learning that unfolds, not only for Evie, but for several other children is quite special. 

PDF: £5


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A short story about the importance of organisation and orderliness to young children. Rosie is a child who likes order and one day took the initiative to organise the children in her family group, according to who should and shouldn't sit next to each other at group time. She also knows the children and their individual influences on each other (good and bad), making decisions accordingly, about where they should be positioned. Fascinating. 

PDF: £10



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When a group of children based at the allotment site discover a small, very still creature in the greenhouse, the questions begin and the mystery unfolds. Find out what the educator did to facilitate the investigation that captivated a group of children and enabled them to take the lead.

PDF: £8




The story of one child who found a ball of string and became completely engrossed in tying and wrapping. The adults around him gave him uninterrupted time to pursue this work. The reflections on learning, made by the educator observing, is vast and astonishing spanning all areas of learning and in particular the characteristics of effective learning.

PDF: £10


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This story shares what happens when adults have the confidence to follow the children and not the plans. It is a great example of empowerment, learning and leadership demonstrating dynamic risk taking - on behalf of the adult. The document also analyses the learning, which undoubtedly could never have been achieved if the adult had not been brave enough to take that risk. A great example to support staff ready to take that step.

PDF: £10




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Find out about one child's decision to make a lighthouse and how he and several others in his family group supported him with the initial build using recycled materials whilst at the allotment. The story was extended back at the main school site, where a 2.3m lighthouse was created in the block area, with a pulley system and bedroom for Grace Darling to sleep in. A lovely project led by strong, capable children, documented by the educator, Burcu.

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