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key person system

part of the family

Every child belongs to a little family group when they start nursery, with a key person, who will love and take care of them, as if they were their own. These groups meet every day to talk, have conversations together, plan the children’s play, as well engage in little focused games and activities that help develop children’s early language and learning.

We have several family groups; red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink and purple, with key persons who are responsible for children’s progress – observing, recording, planning, tracking, and assessing. Children stay with the same key person throughout their entire time at nursery, as will any future siblings, knowing that strong relationships will have been formed with the family.

On arrival, we ask parents to support children in finding their wooden name-tag, hanging on hooks in the garden entrance, to hand to their key person. Children will then go off to play in the garden, enabling parents to chat with their child's key person and share information.

The key person role is crucial in developing positive relationships with all our families and we place high value in giving time to everyone, as fairly as possible.

All staff use their first names with children and families and invest lots of time building strong relationships with everyone.

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