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nothing but joy

The main school building was built in 1992, to replace the pre-war prefabricated building that existed previously. Then in 2005, our school was selected to become a phase 1 Children's Centre, undergoing a significant extension to our site to incorporate childcare provision, some SureStart services and our own delivery of early years training. We already had a stand alone Family Centre in the school car park, built by the community for the community, so this charitable, independent organisation was swallowed up by the build and now sits within the overall site.  


The school site offers high quality provision indoors and outdoors and is a responsive space that is light, airy and natural, in terms of the choice of colours, furniture and storage of resources and equipment. The walls are plain and light in colour, giving us a blank canvas for documenting and sharing some of the learning that takes place there. The intention is that when anyone walks into our main nursery space, it is very clear what happens there. Our reflections on children's play are presented in very accessible ways, along with thoughtfully taken photographs and where appropriate, children's work, so that the child's voice is what a visitor sees and hears.   



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