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supporting social and emotional need

Wingate Nursery School provides a high level of support for any children with social and emotional needs. We work closely with parents to ensure a smooth transition into nursery where needs are identified very early. We are able to support children and families through individualised and supportive transition arrangements. This can include visits with parents and shorter sessions until the child is more comfortable in the nursery environment. We also consult with a wide range of agencies and partnerships to ensure the emotional, social and pastoral needs of children with SEND are met.

Children have a key person who works with them across the nursery day to ensure they feel secure and are fully supported. Nursery practitioners are caring and open and ensure that all children are listened to. They are highly attuned to any changes in behaviour which may indicate changing needs in this area.

We have family group times where social and emotional needs can be addressed, for example helping identified children to build friendships and develop social skills.

Key Contacts
Headteacher and SENDCO
SEND Governor
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