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sen transition

How we support children with SEN starting at our school 

Transition into nursery for children with SEN is planned in advance through consultation with parents and where appropriate the LA and previous providers. If applicable visits are made by the SENCO/Deputy Headteacher to the previous provider. Transition arrangements are tailored to the individual needs of the child and family. Sometimes home visits are arranged in order that staff can begin to build relationships with the child in an environment in which they feel most comfortable. At times shorter sessions are planned initially to enable the child (and the family) to gain confidence in the nursery. Visits to nursery can also be organised out of school hours in order that the environment is quiet.

Each child will have a key person who will support their transition. This member of staff will liaise with parents, ensuring that they are given information on how their child is settling. Key groups are planned in advance, and where possible, children with SEN are integrated into smaller groups.

How we support children with SEN moving to us from Childcare

If children with SEN are moving from our Childcare organisation to the ‘big nursery’, visits are built into the daily routine well in advance. Children will be accompanied by a member of staff from Childcare in order that they feel comfortable and secure. These visits will enable the child to build relationships with new staff and familiarise themselves with the larger environment.

Childcare staff liaise with the child’s new key person in Nursery, so that they understand individual needs from the very beginning. Documentation/support plans are shared with the SENCO.

How we support children with SEN transitioning to Primary School  

We arrange extra support and visits for pupils with SEN, in liaison with their chosen primary school. The Headteacher or key person can accompany parents and children during these visits. Staff from feeder schools are invited to spend time in our nursery to ensure that relationships are built within an environment in which the child feels comfortable. Meetings with the primary school staff, families and nursery staff will be arranged to ensure that transition is as smooth as possible and that important information about the child is discussed and understood.

If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.

Key Contacts
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