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share - listen - understand

Communication is crucial and is something we work very hard at. Of course, the best form of communication is through conversation, which we do with parents every single day - at drop off and pick up times. Staff make themselves available to parents and carers, to listen and receive messages, but also to share information on the child. 


Other forms of communication are in place, such as a half-termly newsletters, timetables of the 3 sites, messages on the parent's noticeboard, actual letters sent out and the Class Dojo app. 


Parents can send messages through Class Dojo eg to report their child's absence. We also have mobile phones for the allotment and cottage site, so when children are not on the main school site, our admin can pass on any messages to staff working off-site. We ask that all parents take responsibility for letting us know if their child is not going to be in school, for safeguarding reasons.


We encourage parents and carers to come into school if they are at all worried or concerned about anything school related. We prefer to talk about potential issues or concerns before they arise if possible and discourage comments being made on social media.    

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