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joining the family

right from the start

From the moment you and your child arrive at our school, you become part of 'the Wingate family'. There's a well known phrase in school; "Once a Wingate kid, always a Wingate kid!"

Our staff are as committed to the wellbeing of all our children, as they are to their academic achievement and we work hard to make Wingate Nursery feel like home. We provide an environment that is warm, caring and supportive, because we know that this kind of family atmosphere makes the children feel safe and helps them become more confident learners. And because we’re a family, everyone is welcome to join in! There will be lots of opportunities for the whole family to become involved in life at nursery, whether it be seasonal celebrations, concerts, sports day, nature days, fundraising events, or special invites to mammy’s/daddy’s day.

This is the beginning of a very special journey that we take together, sharing in the raising of every child, holding dear to our hearts the old African proverb,  ‘It takes a whole village to educate a child.’

Nursery is often a child’s first venture alone into the larger world outside the family home. What children experience and learn in Nursery can create strong and lasting foundations on which to build in later life, so we believe it is essential that the experiences and opportunities we provide, are of the highest quality. 

So, if you'd like to come and have a look round our Nursery School and see what's going on across the 3 sites, please give us a call and arrange a visit with Becky, our Headteacher, who will be delighted to introduce you to the team and show you around our lovely house. 

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