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happiness and well-being

nothing without joy

There is much research about the importance of happiness and well-being and the impact this has on learning. High levels of happiness and well-being enable us to see the world in a more positive light, be receptive to new ideas, think more creatively and innovatively, behave more socially and ultimately, thrive. 

We believe that if children's levels of happiness and emotional well-being are high, their levels of involvement are also high, which directly impacts on their ability to learn and remember.


Ferre Laevers is a pioneer in Early Years education and who's name is synonymous with the Leuven Scale, where he proposes 'emotional wellbeing' and 'involvement' as being central pillars to children's learning and development. He believes that when there are high levels of wellbeing and involvement, we know that deep level learning is taking place. The higher the levels of wellbeing and involvement we can achieve for the child, the more we can add to the child’s development.

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